axe throwing


$25/ 60 Minutes Per Person

$35/ 90 Minutes Per Person

$15/ 30 Minutes Per Person

If you have never tried axe throwing before, don’t worry…we have coaches on-site and ready to teach you the fundamentals of safe axe throwing. Who knows….maybe you have natural talent and will want to join one of our WATL Axe Throwing Leagues or maybe you just prefer to relax and have fun with friends. Whatever your style, we are here to make your experience fun and memorable.

How It Works

1. Schedule An Available Time.

2. Show Up Ready And Excited With Appropriate Attire.

3. Get To Throwin’!

* If It’s Your First Time You Will Be Given Training And Safety Tips As Part Of Your Session.

If you book for smash rooms and axe throwing during the same visit, we do offer discounts (see group and/or date night packages when booking).